Kenichi Anime Show Review

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Kenichi Anime Show Review
by Teresita Blanco

Kenichi was a pretty good fighting anime show. It was designed for more of an American audience. The main character had a single romantic interest. This was unusual for regular anime fighting shows. The main character also wanted to get stronger to fight for justice. He had plenty of super hero overtones, but without the costume.

Kenichi had no talent for martial arts. Through Mia, Kenichi got in contact with a group of level 100 martial artists. He persuaded them to allow him to become their disciple. The martial artists were a bit of a parody. Some of them had pretty bizarre training, like the judo philosopher.

The combination of all their fighting styles made Kenichi a pretty strong fighter. His special skill was being a human punching bag. Since they were level 100, most of his masters had a hard time holding back. During his training, he would sometimes die for a second or suffered brain trauma. Overall, it was a pretty hilarious anime show. 


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