Furious 7 Street Race Movie Review

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Furious 7 Street Race Movie Review
by Teresita Blanco

It is a great pity that Fast died before the movie was completed. This movie was featured in Avianca. Avianca is a plane company that flies to Colombia. Their seats maybe hard, but they at least invested in good plane movies. The movie came in 3 languages.

It started with this guy going to the hospital to visit his brother. While going out, the viewer sees all the devastation he caused. He is out for revenge against the Fast and the Furious crew. The scene then changes to Furious and his girlfriend. He wanted to help her get over her amnesia or something.

She did the street race and won. From there, Furious visited Fast. Fast was on the fast lane through daddy villa. He was not taking the transition well. He got back into the game when the evil dude sent him a care package from Tokyo. Fast then went to help Furious capture this evil spy who was ought for revenge.

To get the bad guy, they formed a crack team of 7 racers. The formation they did to avoid the bullets was pretty cool. The movie showcased plenty of cars. They also showed the wealth of Abu Dhabi. It was a great film to watch while the place was trying to land. 


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