Final Fantasy X Remake Game Review

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Final Fantasy X Remake Game Review
by Teresita Blanco

The remake of this game was pretty good. It got all the graphics enhanced. The game also got new fancy music and a new sphere level up system. It did not seem too humoring. It was best to stick with the classic level up system. Aside from a new look, this game got the dark eons added into it.

The worst of the lot was Yojimbo. It’s impossible to lay a finger on him. He also has ridiculous strength and defense. It’s rare to be able to summon a second eon against him. The problem was that he had to be slain 3 or 4 times in a row. The other Dark Eons were mostly slain with Yojimbo.

If he gets paid enough, he becomes quite the useful eons. He does his overdrive often as long as you pay him 3000 or 10000 during regular fights. As for his overdrive, he requires 300,000 gil. He also needs to get called only when the opponent is strong. Doing so assures that Yojimbo slays that stands before him.

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These are just about all the surface changes on this game. This game also includes the Eternal Calm. It was a mini movie which was the link between Final Fantasy X and Final Fantasy X-2. The Eternal Calm had originally only being released in the Japanese version.

Aside from Final Fantasy X-2, this remake includes the Last Mission. The Last Mission was another Final Fantasy game that was only released in Japan and for good reason. It had a half backed kind of look. Plus, the characters moved kind of weird. Most of the battle trophies are for Final Fantasy X.

It seems Square Enix assumed that the players would only take Final Fantasy X seriously. In any case, it was quite the enjoyable game. It is a real pity Square Enix does not make games like this one anymore. It would be interesting to see a decent remake of Final Fantasy XI. That was a pretty cool Final Fantasy game.


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