Edouard Dantan Paintings Review

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Edouard Dantan Paintings Review
by  Teresita Blanco

I was only able to dig up a few paintings by Dantan. He is not well known in the internet world. He was popular during the 19th century. However, his work fell out of favor in the face of modern artists. His father was a veteran of the Napoleonic Wars. Like his father, he too fought in the wars. His was the Franco Prussian Wars. When he got back, he recommenced his artistic endeavors. This painting features an artist with his model. Both the statue and the maiden look identical. The workshop looks quite realistic.

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In this painting, a priest is making a Jesus Christ statue. This painting shows the craftsmanship of monks. In this respect, they are no different than any other artisan. In their effort to imitate Jesus, they became carpenters. Aside from Jesus, there is a completed Virgin Mary idol. This workshop too is quite realistic.

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 A Casting from Life

This painting shows how to make a casting mold from a real person. Once the mold gets done, it can be used to make a bronze statue. Behind the model, there is a replica of the Slave Dying sculpture of Michelangelo. There is also a few busts and some pottery.

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In this painting, a sculptor is trying to fix a statue. His model is taking a break from standing for so long. All around you can see the tools of his trade. Behind him there are busts and figurines. 

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 Mouleurs Depouillant

In this one, the sculptors are designing a mutt, possibly Cerberus. One of the statues  in the background is the top half of the Venus de Milo. She was one of the most famous Greek statues. Other important figurines can be seen here and there. In this respect, Dantan hoped to combine sculpting with his painting.

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My Father's Studio

This painting shows Dantan's old man at work. His father was making a relief. The model is visible in the foreground. For now, the old man is adding the finishing touches. He no longer needs the model for anything. Beside the model, there is a stand with some glasses and a bottle. The booze was apparently there to better the mood.

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Phrosine et Mélidore

This was a French opera written by Etienne Mehul. It was based on the myth of Hero and Leander. The opera itself was about the forbidden love between Phrosine and Melidore. Phrosine's brothers did not want her to marry Melidore. As such, they planned to elope. In this scene, Melidore disguised as a monk is hugging Phrosine. He has just saved from drowning.

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The Model

This painting shows the sculptor working side by side with his model. Both look identical. Behind him, there are other examples of his work. The small painting shows Pygmalion kissing the statue that has come to life. The statue originally did not have a name. It was later named Galatea. Galatea bears the sculptor's goal of creating a statue that looks almost alive.


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