Crimson Peak New Horror Movie 2015 Review

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Crimson Peak New Horror Movie 2015 Review
by Teresita Blanco

Crimson Peak is a new horror movie. Unlike regular horror movies, this one has a huge budget. As such, all the creeps are going to be in your face. The script was written by Guillermo del Toro and Matthew Robbins.

The script had been written around the time del Toro had finished Pan’s Labyrinth. As such, he was in that sort of mood. The movie is about a writer named Edith. She married a rich, handsome knight. All went downhill when she moved to his home at Crimson Peak.

crimson peak,horror movie,guillermo del toro

Like all knights, he lived in a haunted mansion with his creepy sister. In no time, Edith discovers all the secrets hidden within Crimson Peak. The movie takes place during the Victorian Era. As such, the movie lends itself to pretty decorations and dresses.

All the characters are a peach. During an early screening, Steven King said the movie was beautiful, but terrifying. Del Toro wanted a return to high budgeted horror movies like The Exorcist or The Shinning. The movie is going to be released in the US on October 16, 2015.


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