Black or White 2015 Movie Review

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Black or White 2015 Movie Review
by Teresita Blanco

This movie was about two grandparents fighting over the custody of a biracial little girl. One grandparent was white and the other black. At the time, white granddad had the custody of the girl. The girl’s white granddad was depressed because his wife had recently died of cancer.

As such, his drinking problems had gotten worst. As a result, the girl’s black grandmother decided to get full custody of the child. She also hoped that the girl would help turn her deadbeat son around. The trail was pretty interesting. Both white lawyers and black lawyers wanted to make it a race thing.

It was interesting to notice how both manipulated their clients.  In the middle of it all, there was the little girl who wanted to meet her dad, who wanted nothing to do with her. Her granddad practically had to bride the girl’s father make him come visit her. Overall, it was a pretty depressing movie based on true events.


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