Barack Obama and Mitt Romney Presidential First Debate 2012 Review

Mitt Romney, Barack Obama, Political Cartoon 2012

Barack Obama and Mitt Romney Presidential Debate Review

Today, I watched the Presidential debate. My mother spoke Spanish so we watched it in channel 12. I noticed that through the translation, both candidates sounded very similar. It practically negated the charisma advantage. I was thus able to focus on their message. On that note, I will proceed to rate this debate.

The entire debate was about the economy. I noticed that Mitt Romney knew this subject quite well. It makes sense, considering that he actually owns a business. The first question asked the Candidates how they would create new jobs. Obama started by speaking of his wife's anniversary. On that note, he went to repeat the same old, same old. He has been using the Clinton administration as his campaign slogan. However, Obama is not Clinton!! The circumstances that allowed Clinton to be awesome could never repeat themselves. He keeps extrapolating past data to plan for the future. Obama is not the totally awesome Franklin Delando Roosevelt.

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I am offended that he compares his strategy to those two awesome democratic leaders. The problems today are much more complicated. Clinton did not have the War in Iraq to deal with. As for Roosevelt, he created jobs by declaring a state of emergency. We have not had a serious war ever since WWII. During that period, all where pitching in for the war efforts. When it was all over, the money they saved helped get the economy out of the Great Depression. In conclusion, Obama is neither Clinton or Roosevelt. Obama truly loves his history classes. However, my economics teacher warns of the dangers of extrapolation. You can never use past data to predict future events. There will always be a disaster that you can never plan for.

As for Romney , he used cute anecdotes to combat Obama's argument. He wanted to punish companies that accepted loans from China. He also wanted to open trade with Latin America. He also spoke well of regulations. I am not too certain that it is a good idea. Both of the Chinese economy and the US need each other. China cannot sell us cheap stuff without devaluing their currency. They devalue it by lending money to the US. Thus, both Countries need  each other. This is how economy works. China has a surplus because the US has a deficit. The deficit is created because they are investing in the US market.

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Then again, Mitt Romney's plan seems to be changing trade partners from the Chinese to the Latin American countries. I can see why he wants this change. The US has more influence in Latin America, than in China. I suppose it is part of a secret plan to weaken the Chinese. He wants to remove all programs that rely on Chinese money. Still, I do not think it is a good idea...Other than that, Romney wants to help companies that invest in the US. I guess he wants to benefit from anyone, but the Chinese companies. They invest in the US a lot too. Many jobs where created thanks to the Chinese money. Then again, if we get rid of the Chinese money and create jobs in Latin America, that would indirectly take care of the illegal immigration problems. With jobs in their countries, the Latin Americans will not have an incentive to come here illegally. So maybe his plan will kill two birds with one stone. I am only speculating. However, it would be an interesting side effect of not taking Chinese money. If that is the end result, the US should REALLY consider getting red of their Chinese trade partners .

Oh, and what's his issue with Sesame Streets? They actually help the world. Through their programs they help educate children all over the world. They also help spread US ideologies. They are very dangerous. Many companies have fallen at the hands of the ultra powerful Sesame Street lawyers. They may look cute, however, those involved in the children's Entertainment busyness are tough cookies. Thus, they are not a good enemy to have. Plus, I like PBS. I grew up watching their kids shows. Thus, I personally would not like to see that channel go away. Well, lets go back to discussing the Presidential Debate.

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On the matter of Taxes, both where a bit sketchy. They mutually accused each other of wanting to raise the taxes on middle Class families. Romney said he did not want to reduce taxes on the rich guys. He wants to reduce credits and extensions (whatever that means). He seemed aimed at giving benefits to companies that create jobs here. This is import substitution. This would work in the short run. However, it is not best to rely on it. In the end, the foreigners are better at the cheap stuff. Plus, Americans are not too interested in Factory Jobs. We want to be lawyers, teachers or Doctors. I doubt that any kid desires to grow up and become an assembly line worker.

You know something that did not make sense, Obama said Romney wanted to do cutbacks on the army spending. However, Romney did not disprove Obama. Later in the debated, Romney said he wanted to make the army stronger. Thus, how do you make the military guys stronger without the money? Well, back to the economy.

Mitt Romney, Barack Obama, Political Cartoon

What was lovely, was how both candidates spitted out statistics. They each had a study that proved the other presidential candidate was wrong. In conclusion, both studies show that Obama and Romney are wrong. With the taxes, they said the same old, same old. The republicans noticed that they always win a lot of votes by cutting taxes. For better or for worse, their solution to all problems is to cut taxes. Romney also threw a lot of rocks at clean energy. His solution to the energy problem is to ruin Alaska's nature by drilling more oil. The Clean energy did not work because the oil guys hampered its growth in all the states they tried to implementing it. Its pretty clear who is backing Mitt Romney's campaign: The oil tycoons.

In the 3rd segment, Obama and Romney spoke of the Social Security. Their ideas where identical. However, both differed on who was in charge of  health care. Obama wanted the Feds to take care of Medicare. Romney wanted the states to do it. In a nutshell, private vs government insurance agencies. Regardless, both claimed each programs was flawed. What I liked was a tweet I read from Goppie Goldberg. She said that her medicare better be there when she retires!! What worries me is the coupon system of Mitt Romney. Kinda reminds me of the coupons we had in Cuba. They never ever covered the essentials. Thus, these coupons system is a communist idea. Speaking of communism, Obama also sounded a bit red. His "fair share" is also a communist idea. I don't know how both ended up sounding a bit red. However, this does not inspire much confidence in me.

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There was also the issue of regulation. Both Presidential Candidates agree that industries need to be regulated. Both juggled the subject matter in a fashion that led nowhere. I liked how Obama explained the .frank bill. It keeps banks from over lending, made them check the credit better ect. Romney critique President Obama on the vagueness of this bill. However,these rules are meant to be vague, to give banks liberty on how to meet those goals.

The next issue also ties into regulation. Its more of defining the relationship between the states and the feds. Both said their usual cliche answer. On matters of education, we saw how Romney wanted the families to choose where their kids went to school. If it was up to me, I would have gone to the rich kids schools. I truly did want to go to Coral Reef High School. However, I was sent to Richmond High because I did not speak English at the time. Well, I am not going to bark down that road for now. This is a matter for a different blog.

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Well, now onto the closure. In a nutshell, Obama said he would hear any suggestion from anyone as long as it is what he wants to hear. I like this indirect way of saying that he is going to do whatever he feels like. He also brought out the "I slew Bin Laden" card. At this rate, he is going to have to make this his campaign slogan. It might work, however, he might bring the US many more enemies. Romney's closure was really cute. Basically,he said that Obama is a bad president. Vote for me if you want money. I know how to manage the economy better, ect. I think that is everything worth mentioning.

In the social medias, they say Romney was stronger. I agree with them. He really knows his economic stuff. Then again, the speeches where all about the economy. Obama was falling behind most of the time. He did not seem to put much effort into it. This has me a bit worried. I guess he imagines that he has the elections in the bag. In the end, these speeches where not aimed at us, but at the electoral collage. In the end, they have the final say on who gets to be president. Thus, there is a chance that even if Romney wins among the populous, the elite will reelect Obama. That is why I am a big fan of direct election. In any case, these speeches humored me quite a bit. Both Candidates are 5 star worthy. If Romney wants to win the election he must not let this victory get over his head. He has a bad habit of ruining himself by saying the wrong thing. His greatest obstacle in this election is himself. He may have won this fight, but the campaign war still rages. I wish both of them good luck in the endeavors. May the best man win!!


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