Why did Obito turn Evil? Because a boulder fell on his Head!


Why did Obito turn Evil? Because a boulder fell on his Head!

In Naruto, it has become an ancient tradition to introduce the final bosses via a flashback. This anime shows is filled with many flashbacks. Usually, they seem pointless. However, all the anime characters Kishi slightly alluded to have showed up at the final battle. They are making the veterans of the First Ninja war fight the new generation. As for Obito, the creator of Naruto made certain that we thought he was dead. During his terrible agony, Obito wished that the ninja world was no more. Needless to say, Obito did survive. He survived his terrible accident and plotted against the whole ninja world.

The first clue was the only Sharingun eye in Tobi. This eye coincided with the only eye that was left on Obito. There is also the matter of the name Tobi. Write it twice and you can derivative the name Obito. See, Tobitobi. You see, Obito = Tobi. You know, when I first met Tobi I could not wrap my head around the his sudden personality change. Really, I could not picture an old Madara acting like a deranged lunatic. It made more sense that a derange lunatic was acting like an old geezer. Its a real bummer where Obito got the Rinengan eye. Either way, this is all food for thought. 5 stars for this interesting twist in the plot. No one seems to want to stay dead in this anime show. I cannot help, but feel that there is something still amiss... I do remember that Kishi wanted to add a twist into the storyline. Tobi or Obito was this twist. So much so that his mask was a twist. What a Twist? Hehehehe...

Rated 5/5 stars.



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