Nekomimi Boys and Girls

 phistar nekomimi wallpaper

Neko Boys and Girls

Neko boys and girls are all really cute. Truly, so I wanted to post a few pics that I like a lot. this is one cute nekomimi hot girl. she has a cute sword about her and a lovely scarf. the background goes well with the dark and mellow winter theme. this frosty nekomimi has earned a nice 5 star fury rating.

 phistars sayori vanilla

above we have two fine nekomimi twins. One is Sayori and the other is called Vanilla. I just love how their dresses compliment one another. they are in essence a mirror mode view of each other graces. anyhow, both neko girls deserve a nice 5 star fury rating.

 phistars nekomimi wallpaper

next we have two coy neko mimi girls. they both have the traditional play boy bunny look except that they have neko ears. both lil neko girls deserves a nice 5 star fury rating.

 phistars neko icecream

next we have two lovely neko girls eating ice creep. on has a  blue Popsicle and the other one has a nice watermelon sliced shaped ice cream. anyhow, this lil lady deserves a nice 5 star fury rating.

 anime nekomimi girl

this is the last nekomimi girl. she has a lovely blue rose ornaments and a big eye to watch over her. the eye part is sorta weird. anyhow, this neko mimi anime girl has earned a nice 5 star fury rating.

 phistars xmas neko

this is one adorable nekomimi anime xmas wallpaper. she is one incredible looking neko girl. I just love her pretty happy face and lively manners. this lil lady has earned a nice 5 star fury rating.

 phistars neko wallpaper

Above we have a cute neko girl and her mother. both look pretty together. these two lovely maidens have earned a nice 5 star fury rating.well, not I go on my crusade to defend anime wish me luck and hope you stay tune.

 anime neko boy

above we have the beloved big brother neko boy from the loveless anime movie. truly this cute neko boy has earned a nice 5 star fury rating.

 phistars neko boys

its seems like the cat ears and tails sorta fall off once they grow up in this anime show... truly weird anyhow 5 star fury rating for this wonderful wallpaper.

 neko boys wallpaper

here we have these two neko fighters brothers from loveless. anyhow, they deserve a nice 5 star fury rating.

 neko boy ritsuka

here we have the odd ritsuka.. yaw... god I am so sleeppppppppppppppppppyyyyh... oh right one yaw star..rating

 loveless ritsuka wallpaper

here we have ritsuka being taken to bed by soibi or sobi or sov... i forget.. 3 stars for this wallpaper. neko boys rule.. yaw...yay

 anime loveless wallpaper

next we have both neko boy and former neko boy under the snow. 5 stars for these loveless folks.

 anime neko guy

this is one mysterious ninja neko guy. 5 stars for this fellow.

 anime cute neko

tis lil neko boy has earned 4 stars

 neko guy wallpaper

i truly do wonder who the hell is this guy. 5 stars for thi neko boy.

 hot neko guy

this one is of the same kind. 5 stars for whoever made this.

 anime neko boy

Above is the same neko boy and a lil neko friend of his. over all , the whole loveless show was terribly stupid and forceful. now Mnemosyne, that's a weird show I can believe. anyhow, tata and 4 stars for them both.

 anime yaoi neko boy

here is another loveless neko boy anime wallpaper. I sorta hate this show. but visually speaking is rather pretty in its own unique ... ya...o...i... fashion. anyhow, 5 stars for the wallpaper. 0 stars for the anime show.

 phistars neko boys

this one at least is a bit more pleasant to look at. Ahh , wizards and their neko boys. how lame can it get. anyhow, 5 stars for this lil pick.

 anime ritsuka wallpaper

here is the better version of one of the above loveless neko boy wallpaper. 5 stars for ritsuka.

 anime neko loveless

here we have the next fall themed neko boy wallpaper. he looks sorta dreamy in his odd sensitive victorian fashion. anyhow, 5 stars for this neko kid.

 anime neko youji

next we have youji and his tamer. this silver haired neko boy deserves 5 stars... i think... both are nekos....boys?

 anime loveless neko\

here we have this cute neko boy eating a lollipop. this kid gets 5 stars.

 anime neko boy

next we have these two Persian neko boys. both are a dream team from the anime OVA loveless. God, I am so bored today. I sorta wanted to get all my exams done but alas it was not meant to be. anyhow, 5 stars for these two kids.

 phistars neko ritsuka

above we have natsuo and youji an Ritsuka nekos. the odd team is poking Ritsuka. What a stupid name. Ritsuka Its like they are not even trying to hide the fact that he is a bit odd rewarding his beloved. anyhow, 5 stars for this odd boy.

 anime neko boy

that natsuo is such a chick. anyhow, this odd neko boy ... on the borderline of becoming a neko girl. deserves a nice 5 star fury rating.

 neko boy hot

I wonder one or two things about the cyclops look. I mean its so retro in a odd pirate of the Caribbean fashion.. truly , truly quite unbecoming of this kid. anyhow, 5 stars for him.

 anime neko boys

trust me, these two are neko boys. or very flat chested neko girls. well.. the wikiepidia says that they are boys. but the way they behave leads me to believe that they are neko girls. regardless enjoy these two neko boys.5 stars for both

 phistars neko boy

this next one is small but cute. anyhow, 5 stars for both neko boys.

 anime neko ritsuka

Seimei is the older brother of Ritsuka. He was called beloved and now his weirdo friend had to hook up with loveless. I would have said hell no , considering the history that the blonde weirdo has. I mean he probably has killed all his previous master. anyhow, 5 stars for the neko boy Seimei.

 anime neko loveless

weird... so this neko boy has human ears... its seems like they sorta fall off when they grow up. anyhow.. this family of neko weirdos deserves 5 star fury rating.

 ritsuka seimei neko

this is another anime wallpaper of the neko trio of seimei, ritsuka and the evil blonde wizard. truly this lot of neko boys ,and former neko boys deserve a nice 5 star fury rating.

 phistars neko boys

here we have loveless and the evil wiz guy. 5 stars for the neko boy.

 hot neko guy

here we have a warrior neko boy. he deserves a nice 5 star furrr rating.

 anime neko guy

here we have another neko guy warrior. 3 stars for him

 neko guy boy

this is quite the pretty anime neko guy. he looks fabulous with his black blue dreads. he deserves a nice 5 star fury rating.

 anime neko boy

here we have another gullible hot neko guy. he deserves a nice 5 star fury rating.

 neko boy wallpaper

this one is quite the lovely looking anime neko boy. he deserves a nice 5 star fury rating.

 chibi neko boys

these two are cute chibis of the neko boys from loveless. 5 star for both.

 chibi neko guys

these two are quite the adorable looking neko boys. they deserve a nice 5 star fury rating.

 anime neko sexy

My i am truly in a good humor today. I just got out from a killer Art and Politics exam. I mean they saved the cursed Hitler art for the end. I was afraid that I would turn Nazi after seeing so many bad , disgusting poster ( no offense). anyhow,  after two hours of torture I got out and felt like updating my neko forum. So here we have a pretty bunch for you folks to enjoy. above we have a cute neko girl playing an electric guitar with her best pal . this cute neko girl deserve a nifty 5 star fury rating.

 anime neko wallpaper

I wonder... is a fox girl the same as a neko girl. well visually speaking I can't tell them appart. For that reason, you folks will decide if its a fox, a dog or a neko girl. Since in the end both sport the same pointy ears. anyhow, 5 stars for this foxy girl.

 neko girl wallpaper

following we have this super adorable neko girl name summer from an anime whose name alludes me at this time and place. anyhow, the last thing that is important about a hot neko girl is their name, for now five stars for this summer neko girl.

 neko x demon

following we have this adorable fallen angel girl with her neko girl familiar. some say that neko girls are hell spans of evil demons. well , both have the same evil naughty glare about them, plus my cat Othello was a real dutshbag. Anyhow, this cute neko x demon girl deserve a nice 5 star fury rating.

 anime ecchi neko

Following we have this magestic neko girl name koko. What a delightful gingerly name.... ahh <blush> i simply adore it:D. Anyhow, as for the neko girl , I wonder what the meaning does the odd coins play in this wallpaper. She must be a hidden treasure of sorts... at least for the creators of this wallpaper. anyhow, 5 star fury rating for this wonderful neko girl anime wallpaper.

 anime hot neko

Following we have these two neko girl twins. both look identical aside from the clothing. anyhow 5 stars.

It seems that iconographically speaking hanafubuki? is much more popular then her twin priestess neko sister. 5 stars.

neko girl sexy

Over all her anime wallpapers seem to lend themselves better to the whims of the animators. Then again the color pink is easy to work with considering that it matches well with the classical cherry blossom iconography of the Japanese culture. Anyhow, 5 stars kida rating for this super hot looking neko girl.

 anime suicide neko

this one is actually more disturbing than your folks can imagine. Traditional this kinds of scenes precedes the suicide of an anime school girl. so the curiousness of this neko girl is for the other side. anyhow... this disturbing anime wallpaper deserves a nice 5 star fury rating.

 anime nekomimi luri

this Blondy belongs to the neko mimi anime series. Honestly folks, if it did not say on the center "Liru the werewolf" all you folks would have bought my claims to her nekoship. anyhow, 5 stars fury rating for this "neko" girl.

 anime neko witch

following we have another super adorable neko mimi witch girl. she seems to be dragging a dead body in a red trolley of sorts. around her there appears to be congregation of spooks and will o wits. Anyhow, this cute neko witch girl deserves a nice 5 star fury rating.

 neko girl wallpaper

This is another cute neko girl. Usually neko girls enjoy soft pillows. Yet all nekos can sleep in just about any location. I mean my cat like to cozy up inside the engine of the car. It was a real drag to check daily under the hood to make certain that the cat was not inside. Anyhow, this cozy neko girl deserves a nice 5 star fury rating.

 anime neko mikuru

Following we have the adorable Mikuru from the Melancholy of Haruhi suzumiya. She is the best pal and fav. chew toy of Haruhi. This must be one of the kinky dresses that humor Haruhi ever so much. thus, this neko girl best pal of the Lolita Haruhi deserves a nice 5 star fury rating.

 neko gato anime

anime neko girl looks cute. her face is quite dashing indeed. truly she deserves a nice 5 star fury rating.

 gato neko anime

this is one fine kitten anime girl . truly she looks quite wonderful indeed. her face looks gorgeous indeed. anyhow, this cute anime neko of blue color deserves 5 stars.

 neko gato wallpaper

this is one fine looking priestess neko cat. truly she looks wonderful indeed. truly this deserves 5 stars.
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